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Let me guess...... You're tapped out on time and resources to meet the demands of the digital world we live in.

Or perhaps...... You're struggling to find a great writer with relevant industry expertise who can provide content that offers value and resonates with your target audience.

Maybe...... It's as simple as "I need a vacation"


I'm Lisa Landis, RN.  It's a pleasure to meet you.


As the Founder and CEO of LLnursewriter, LLC, I created this company to combine two passions in my life.... writing and nursing. My background in Cardiology, Multi-Specialties, Geriatrics, and Health & Wellness nurse coaching makes writing seem like a no-brainer.

These two passions along with extensive knowledge about the healthcare industry allows me to write for the purpose of developing factual, engaging, and expertly written content geared towards education, preventative health, and disease management. 

While I love writing, I also spend time with family and friends....and occasionally sneak off to a favorite island to scuba and take in all the beauty of local culture. 


Why Hire Me?


  • Experience: With more than 20 years' experience in the healthcare industry-now serving the population as a registered nurse freelance writer, I bring extensive insider knowledge about the current healthcare industry by crafting original copy of fresh, accurate and easy-to-read content. Having a well-rounded background in Cardiology, Multi-specialties, Geriatrics, and Health & Wellness provides opportunities to create endless deliverables. 
  • Trustworthy: As a person who values credibility, reliability, and honesty, I embrace the expectation of delivering on-time, credible, and engaging content that can increase your ROI so you can focus on the larger tasks. 
  • Efficient: Maybe you have heard of the phrase, " If you're 10 minutes early, then you're late"? That's me!  Producing clean copy on time and according to your specifications.
  • Affordability: No matter if your project is geared towards B2B or B2C, crafting credible, well-written content that fits your budget and helps build your brand, I'm here to help! 

Fun Fact: The most recent Gallup poll shows Americans have rated nurses #1 as the most trusted, ethical, and honest profession for 20 years in a row. 

Finding one with a passion for writing is a huge benefit to clients seeking solutions for their marketing needs. 

Let's connect!